Specific Objectives are :

  • Setting up a network of industrial and professional partners willing to implement a sustainable cooperation with institutions of higher education and scientific research;
  • Improving the visibility of national and international communities of experts in food studies;
  • Developing innovative teaching tools in food studies;
  • Rinsing of student’s internship quality;
  • Developing a technology platform to ameliorate the cooperation and mobility between universities and food industries.


If successful, this project will contribute to improvements in many diverse issues, such as:

  • Reinforcement of partnership between universities and food companies;
  • Well educated FST graduates will be provided to the labour market by an increased number of produced quickly employable graduates;
  • Developed database information and expert networks will improve the accessibility and visibility of all project staff at national and international levels;
  • Tunisian partners will strengthen: improve the staff expertise, expand universities capacities and training/consultancy services in /and outside the consortium.
  • Introduction of several novel bi-directional features and benefits in the HE/industry collaboration.