WP1 : Setting up a functional structure

Lead partners are P1 and P5

These activities aim to define the Work Teams (WTs) staff in all partners and to implement the Website of the project.

It consists in creating functional structures such as:

  • Project steering committee
  • University coordinators ensuring in each university the coordination of activities
  • Lead partner of each Work Package (WP) 
  • WT devoted to each WP 

The results are expected to serve to:

  • Ensure impact and quality of outputs generated by each participant and by continuous monitoring of all activities and evaluation
  • Ensure the dissemination of project results through Website
  • Promote and guarantee the defined SPAAT4FOOD project goals


Event report 5/9 November 2017 Teramo

Event report 18/23 November 2017 Sibiu

Event report 25/30 November 2017 Porto

First TN Visits / First EU Visits

Agenda kick off meeting

Kick off meeting Minutes-January 25-26-2018 Douz Tunisia

Kick off meeting Photos

Univ. Sfax Teams / Univ. Sfax Teams / Univ. Gabes Teams / UMA Teams

SPAAT4FOOD organigram



SPAAT4FOOD decision