WP5 Lead partners was P1 and P5

It consists in

  • Implementation of food technology platform
  • Connecting FST university competencies and professionals
  • Developing new competences required by the job market
  • Bridges to innovation and student skills development

The objectives of WP4 are the enhancing cooperation between industries and universities; the improving quality of education and teaching, by making them fit the changes of outside environment; the increasing of the alumni employability and creating of new jobs by increasing of competitiveness and innovativeness in socio-economic world.

P5 partner was hosted staff from P1, P2, P3 and P4 to interact with experienced food scientists and to build on specific knowledge related to FST. TN partners was integrated and apply knowledge about food equipments to extend the developments of food platform. P1 to P4 was purchased and install new technology platform with existing materials and organize workshops to learn about good practices for using the new technology platform.


Technologic Platform at US

SPAAT4FOOD Convention University-Industrial

Meeting UNITE TERAMO (Agenda and Minutes 21 - 22  JAN 2019)

Meetings with Professional Suppliers