WP2 Lead partners was P1 and P5, with all partners being active

It consists in

  • Preparing surveys
  • Learning about market requirements
  • Analyzing the universities/food industries relation

P1 to P4 contributed to conducting the survey in their localities and to producing written reports.

The results was served to

  • Analyse the current situation of cooperation between industrial and universities through survey results.
  • Investigate the industrial needs and the gap between universities and industries

The outcomes of the survey was presented at a Tunisian level meeting. WP1 activities was provided detailed directions for the further stages of the project.


Survey 1 Presentation and analysis

Survey 2 Presentation

Surveys Analysis

Survey-Teacher -teaching -socio-economic environment Science and food technology (anglais)

Survey-University- Socio-economic Environment- Food Sciences and Technologies (anglais)

SPAAT4FOOD Preapring Surveys Photos